Is Strength Training Effective For Weight Loss?

Many people think weight training will bulk them up instantly or make them appear less feminine. That is not true; in fact, one pound of fat takes up four times as much space as one pound of muscle. To lose weight you should take in lesser calories than you burn. And this is easier if you metabolism is higher. Weight training helps you build muscles, which burns calories at rest. If you opt for a cardio session, you’ll burn calories during your workout, but not after it.

Weight Loss With Weight Training

Muscle vs. Fat

“Muscle is leaner and healthier compared to fat and is formed through strength training.”

Muscles are the building blocks of our body and can keep you fit by boosting your metabolism. They can burn fat at rest and this helps your total calorie deficit. Exercising is a big part of weight loss; cardio does help you get rid of all that excess fat, but strength training helps you to build muscles and tone your body.

Fat takes up a lot of space, but is lighter. You can get rid of excess fat with cardio, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay off forever. To get rid of fat for good, you need to replace the fat with muscle. While exercising, keep in mind, intensity matters. Challenging workouts have a greater impact on your metabolism; hence you burn more calories during and after the workout.

Weight Lifting For Weight Loss

“For best results, you should alternate between strength training and cardio or HIIT.”

Strength training helps you build muscles that can burn excess fat and this boosts your metabolism. On the other hand, diet and cardio alone may help, but you would be more likely to end up skinny and weak, rather than fit and muscular. Muscles can help tone your body, making it appear leaner and fit. So, next time go for strength training rather than just cardio.

 Scale Defies You

“The scale doesn’t always show the weight drop when you start working on your muscles, but you’ll definitely see the results in a mirror.”

Muscle building can make you look leaner and fitter, but when you jump on the scale it won’t really show. This is because muscle tissue is denser than fat and it therefore takes less space, so although you’ve definitely lost fat, your weight may not have gone down much. So, instead of fixating on the weighting scale, pay more attention to your body fat percentage.

Last Bit Of Advice

Strength training will always help if you want to lose excess fat and appear fit and toned. It is also the best way to improve overall fitness, as strengthening the muscles benefits the entire musculoskeletal structure, reducing stress on load-bearing joints and structures. Most importantly, keep in mind that balance is critical not just in diet and lifestyle but also in exercise. Try to include a combination of weight training and cardio in your regular routine to get the maximum benefits.

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August 31, 2018

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