Eating Too Much Junk Food Can Give You Man Boobs

Man boobs, or the snazzier contraction “moobs” are a common problem and even celebrities like Salman Khan and Tusshar Kapoor are not immune! Men who suffer from this problem often face “harmless” teasing because they can’t get those chiseled pecs despite long hours at the gym. This is because man boobs (scientifically known as gynecomastia) is a hormonal problem and is not directly related to weight gain. However, certain foods like junk foods can affect your hormonal levels which in turn increases your risk of gynecomastia.

Why Those Burgers Can Give You Boobs!

All of us know that junk food can cause weight gain, so we tell ourselves that we can always burn the excess calories by hitting the gym more often. But be warned, eating junk food regularly might just give you an A-cup to go with those love handles! Here’s why junk food can give you man boobs:

Fast Foods Contain “Gender-Bending” Chemicals

“Fast foods contain “gender-bending” chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) & phthalates that are linked to man boobs”

Fast foods contain a whole slew of added chemical preservatives to increase their shelf life; in fact French fries from most fast food outlets can be left exposed for a year without attracting mold or fungus! Several of these chemicals are now considered to be “gender bending” chemicals as they affect hormonal levels, especially in adolescent boys. Researchers now say that there is a definite link between fast food consumption and levels of gender-bending chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates.

Junk Food Increases Estrogen Levels

“The saturated fats in junk food cause a rise in estrogen levels, which increases the risk of gynecomastia”

The liver is responsible for the breakdown of estrogens. This means that if liver function is impaired, the body is not able to break down this hormone. As a result, the levels of estrogen in the person’s system increase drastically and they are more likely to suffer from gynecomastia. Studies show that junk foods that are high in saturated fatty acids, such as pastries and muffins increase levels of liver fat, which in turn impairs liver function and increases a man’s likelihood of getting man boobs.

Fried Foods Can Lower Testosterone Levels

“Consuming junk food regularly can lead to malnutrition which causes a drop in testosterone levels”

Junk foods, particularly fried foods, are very low in nutrition and eating these foods on a regular basis can leave your body deprived of adequate nutrition. When this happens, your levels of testosterone will automatically drop but your estrogen levels remain the same. This hormonal imbalance favors female traits including the growth of breasts and so these men are more likely to get moobs.

Chest Sculpting: Eat Right To Lose Those Moobs

Although weight gain alone will not cause gynecomastia, it can accentuate the condition and make it more noticeable. Furthermore, weight gain and obesity reduce liver function and increase estrogen levels, which in turn increases the risk of getting man boobs. Therefore, the first thing you will need to do is shed those excess kilos with a healthy weight loss plan.

In addition to this, you should also avoid or at least limit your intake of soy milk and products contain soy flour as the phytoestrogens in soy can cause man boobs as they mimic estrogen. Some studies show that garlic affects protein metabolism and increases testosterone levels and so it wouldn’t hurt to include garlic in your daily diet.

Our Advice

Junk food can zap your testosterone levels and increase your risk of man boobs, but a healthy diet will boost your testosterone levels and help to get rid of the condition. Strength training also plays a key role in the treatment of gynecomastia as it boosts human growth hormone which in turn, increases testosterone. Lift weights just twice a week for 30-40 mins to send your testosterone levels up and get rid of your man boobs.

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August 31, 2018

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