Here’s How Your Diet Is Killing Your Sex Drive

Do you find yourself saying “not tonight, darling” pretty often? If you’re wondering why your fire has dimmed, you might want to take another look at the most unlikely culprit – your diet. The main reason why your diet affects your sex drive is because the foods we eat can affect the production of testosterone – which is one of the main hormones that determines sexual appetite and performance. Here’s how your diet may be affecting your sex life.

How Your Diet Affects Your Sex Drive

Several studies have found that malnutrition or even nutritional deficiencies can cause a loss of interest in sex while a balanced diet is linked to a healthier sex-life. Scientists have also identified specific foods that can lower your sex drive so check your diet for these culprits:

Soy Products

“Studies show that consuming soy products containing 120 mg of isoflavones a day reduces testosterone levels in men”

Soy contains natural compounds called isoflavones that mimic the body’s natural estrogen and can affect hormonal levels. A recent study found that consuming soy products containing 120 mg of isoflavones a day reduces testosterone levels in men, which in turn would cool things down in the bedroom!

Biscuits & Pastries

“The high intake of refined or processed carbs is linked to lower testosterone levels”

Biscuits and pastries are high in refined carbs, which zap testosterone levels. If these foods are a part of your regular diet, you might experience a growing disinterest in sex. However, not all carbs are bad – in fact, whole grain foods contain healthy carbs that help with weight control and increase energy levels so they are likely to improve your sex life.

Chips & Chaklis 

“A high intake of salt from processed foods is linked with hypertension, which kills your sex drive”

Chips are very high in salt and as we all know – no one can eat just one! Indian snacks, in particular, are very high in salt; in fact, studies show that the average Indian has 119% more salt than the WHO limit! A high salt intake is linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, which is a libido killer.

Cut back on your intake of the foods listed above to improve your sex life, as well as your overall health. Certain foods act as natural aphrodisiacs, so you can include them in your regular diet plan. For instance, studies show that saffron can improve libido and performance as it contains a natural carotenoid compound called crocin, which has aphrodisiac properties. Chillies contain capsaicin which decreases blood pressure and improves libido – spicy food, spicy bedroom!

Bad Habits That Can Kill Your Libido

In the same way that you can change your diet to improve your sex life, there are several other aspects of your life that you may need to examine. Scientists recently found that the longer you sit the faster you die – but inactivity will kill your sex drive long before it kills you! People think that getting fit means long hours at the gym and strenuous workouts, but this is not true; all you need to do is start moving and then keep moving! Go for a short walk every day and keep increasing the distance with each passing day. Indians sleep for just 6.5 hours a night – a bad habit that affects overall health and also destroys libido.

The Takeaway

A diet to improve libido levels will not show overnight results, but it will have a lasting impact. Fertility experts often recommend yoga and meditation as a way to destress, as stress too is a major mood buster. So, try to kick back, relax, eat healthy, and get some exercise, if not for your health, then at least for the sake of your sex life!

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August 30, 2018

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