Here’s Why You Feel Exhausted All The Time (And What You Can Do To Fix It)

Aside from time, the one thing that many of us seem to have little of is energy. Problems of fatigue and exhaustion seem part and parcel of urban life, but this is not normal and it’s far from healthy. There are various possible reasons for chronic fatigue and the earlier you identify those causes, the more effectively will you be able to deal with them.

Here are the possible causes of exhaustion and strategies to deal with them.

Causes For Chronic Fatigue & Solutions

Excessive Drinking

“Excessive & frequent alcohol intake is one of the main causes of poor quality sleep as it messes with your REM sleep cycle”

Yes, we’re specifically referring to alcohol. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as an icy cold beer or a glass of rum and coke, but the initial relaxation soon dissipates, leaving you with other ill effects. Excessive alcohol intake over the weekends or moderate consumption daily interferes with your REM sleep cycle, perhaps giving you more sleep, but reducing its quality.

This is one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue in young working adults, but it’s also pretty easy to remedy. Simply cut down on your alcohol intake or take a break from drinking. You’ll find that your energy levels are much higher within a week or two itself.


“Inadequate fluid intake can increase mental fatigue, & lower your metabolism & blood pressure”

We’re not talking about severe dehydration that impairs your ability to function, but mild dehydration that most of us simply fail to notice. Inadequate fluid intake can increase mental fatigue, and lower your metabolism and blood pressure.

Try to ensure that you drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. You can also boost your fluid intake with fresh fruit juices and hydrating herbal teas. Staying hydrated will give you better sleep, while also improving your skin health. Just down most of that liquid during the day and not at night, as a full bladder simply isn’t conducive to good sleep.

Stress Or Depression

“With both chronic stress & depression, you can experience fatigue & low energy even when you get adequate sleep”

Clinical depression and stress can have a huge impact on energy levels, mood, concentration, and sleep as well. What’s so problematic with stress and depression is that you feel fatigued even with adequate sleep, and this symptom can linger on long after the other symptoms have resolved.

The best thing that you can do would be to seek help from a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, but in addition to getting treatment, it is also advisable to take up relaxing activities like yoga and meditation, as research over the years has proved them to be effective for relieving both stress and depression.

Inactive Lifestyle

“Being physically inactive creates a vicious cycle as it lowers energy levels, making it even harder to actually move off the couch”

It may seem like your sedentary lifestyle is blamed for every affliction, but that’s because it really does take a toll on almost every aspect of your health. Being physically inactive actually lowers energy levels, making you even less likely to do anything that involves moving off that couch. It is a vicious cycle that you will need to break.

Light to moderate intensity exercise has been found to be effective at treating problems like chronic insomnia too, making it one of the best solutions to improve sleep. Exercise also raises endorphin levels, improving mood and getting those energy levels back on track. If you can’t exercise at a gym, it’s no excuse to not exercise. Simply walking or cycling for around 15 minutes a day will yield the same results.

Medical Condition

“Chronic fatigue is often a sign of iron and B12 deficiencies, both of which are very common in India”

Health conditions like hypothyroidism, celiac disease, low testosterone, and various nutritional deficiencies can play havoc with your metabolism and energy levels. Chronic fatigue is often a sign of iron and B12 deficiencies, both of which are very common in India. To get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, you will need to consult your doctor and undergo blood tests.

Our Advice

In addition to addressing these problems, it would be a good idea to adopt other disciplined habits for a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to get adequate sleep by going to bed early and restricting screen time at night. If you need help for a physical or psychological health condition, avoid delaying treatment.

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August 3, 2018

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