How to Delay the Onset of Gray Hair

Having our hair turn gray is something that all of us have to face sooner or later. These are prospects that none of us want to face. After all, having young, healthy and vibrant hair is something that everyone would want to hold on to for as long as possible. However, some people start showing signs of greying fairly early on. To prevent this there are a number of different actions you can take and lifestyle choices you can make to delay the onset of graying.

Ensure you’re consuming enough vitamins

Vitamins are essential for strong and healthy hair and skin. A lack of essential vitamins can cause hair to fall out prematurely (a deficit of zinc) as well as lose some of its pigment, leading to grayness. Vitamins can be found naturally in a large number of foods such as meat and poultry as well as vegetables, nuts and dairy products. A healthy diet should take care of most of your vitamin needs, but if you still need a little extra you can always augment your current supply with vitamin supplements. One of the most important vitamins, B12, can’t be produced by your body and can be found in many animal-based foods. So if you’re vegetarian, it’s important that you absolutely take your B12 supplements on a daily basis or consume foods made from animal products such as dairy.

Quit smoking, junk food and cut down alcohol

Smoking has no benefits, absolutely none, and that extends to the health of your hair and its colour. Some people have even said that there is evidence that smoking leads you to go gray before you’re 30. Smoking doesn’t just gray hair, it causes it to become brittle and break easily. So in the interest of not only having healthy, shiny and colorful hair, but also your health, it’s advisable to quit smoking. The same goes for junk food and alcohol. Any foods that are high in refined sugar are going to do nothing but cause your body and hair harm. By switching to healthier, vitamin-rich foods (see above), your hair is likely to stay healthier for longer. Apply that same logic to alcohol. It doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking completely, but skipping the wine a few nights a week definitely won’t have any negative side effects.

Dye your hair

If you do gray prematurely and would like to cover it up, there is an out – you can always choose to dye your hair. This is a great option for a lot of people as it allows you to cover up the grayness when and as it appears. This is an impermanent solution (you’ll have to continue dyeing your hair in the future), however, many people would see this as an opportunity to dye their hair many different colors. A rule of thumb in this regard to dye your hair darker with abandon – i.e. dyeing your hair from its current color to black–but take care when you’re lightening it as peroxides and other chemicals can damage your hair permanently.

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March 29, 2018

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