Delhi School Textbook Asks Kids To Kill Kittens! Taking A Page From ‘How To Raise A Psychopath’?

There’s no denying that the education system in our country is messed-up to say the least. Dozens of textbooks followed in our schools have come under the scanner for publishing questionable content.

And now, there’s another textbook making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Living Things “Experiment” To Kill Kittens

A 4th standard textbook for Environmental Studies (that you’d expect would teach children the importance of living in harmony with the environment) encourages students to conduct a scientific experiment to support the fact that living things take in air and breathe.

The text reads,

“Put a small kitten in each box. Close the boxes. After some time open the boxes.

What do you see? The kitten inside the box without holes has died.”

This completely absurd statement is part of a textbook followed in the curriculum of private schools in Delhi.

Animal Cruelty Linked To Psychopathy

There have been a huge number of studies that highlight animal cruelty as a reliable predictor of psychopathy and criminality.

“Serial killers as savage as Ted Bundy & Jeffrey Dahmer are known to have had a history of engaging in animal torture as children”

In fact, there is strong evidence supporting claims that if left ignored, animal abuse moves on to human abuse.

The cruel act of torturing animals stems from an apparent need for power and control, paired with a lack of remorse and empathy. These also happen to be the defining traits of psychopaths and hard core criminals.

There actually exists a set of adolescent behaviors clubbed together as ‘Macdonald Triad’ that are believed to be indicative of a higher probability of homicidal behavior in adult life- animal torture and cruelty is one of them.

Teaching By Example

“Young children with impressionable minds are easily influenced; most of them are still struggling to find that clear demarcation between what’s acceptable and what’s not”

If we use textbooks with such preposterous content to impart education, it gives rise to alarming questions about the effects on the psyche of these young minds and the psychological damage that can be induced.

Compassion education can be instrumental in deterring psychopathic behaviors later in life. Children should be taught to respect not only other human beings, but also animals and the environment. Let’s hope somebody gets this message across to the concerned authorities so that we finally see some of the changes we’ve been waiting for!

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March 28, 2018

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