A Complete Guide To Skin Care For Men

Just because you’re a dude, it doesn’t mean you can’t pamper your skin (and yourself). In fact, a good skin care routine can actually make you feel healthier and happier, so it’s about time you started following one.

Here’s everything you need to know to reach that seemingly impossible goal of flaunting clear and healthy skin.

Leave Out The Ladies’ Products

“Most cosmetic skin care products are formulated for women, taking into account gender differences in oil glands & skin toughness; this makes them unsuitable for men”

Guys, if your idea of the ideal skin care routine involves stealing your sister’s high end cosmetics, you’re in for a nasty shock! Men and women have different skin textures in terms of the number of oil glands and toughness of skin. Products for men are formulated keeping this in mind.

So, it would be wise to ditch those products that your sister swears by and instead put together your own skin care kit.

What To Use Instead

One basic product that’s an absolute must-have in your cabinet is a moisturizer. It’s best to apply this when your skin is still a little damp, as it’ll help soak in and retain moisture to hydrate your skin, keeping it fresh and healthy. It would also be wise to avoid the cosmetic moisturizers loaded with chemicals, and instead stick to natural products like olive oil and aloe vera gels.

Take The Tissue Test

“The best thing you can do before investing in skin care products is to identify your skin type with a simple method called the tissue test”

Before you jump the gun and buy skin-care products that just don’t work for you, take the tissue test to find your skin type. It is ridiculously easy and can help save you a lot of trouble (and money).

How To Take It

Wash your face (preferably with a face wash), wait for it to dry, and hold a facial tissue onto your face for a couple of minutes. If the tissue is still completely dry, you have a dry skin type that may also be more sensitive.

If the tissue has traces of oil, it means that your skin type is oily and if it’s slightly moist, it would mean that your skin type falls somewhere in the middle.

Choose your skin care products based on your skin type and you won’t have to worry about them not working for you or being effective enough.

Follow The Two-Times-A-Day Rule 

“A regular face washing routine can help give your skin a healthy glow, as this prevents a buildup of dead skin & pore blockage with excess skin oil”

Washing your face both in the morning and at night is incredibly important because once a day is just not enough. A good face washing and cleansing routine actually helps slough down dead skin cells, leaving your skin brighter and fresher. This especially holds true for men in their 20s or teens, as they tend to have oily skin. Simply splash your face with water and use a gentle face wash and that should suffice.

Watch Out For Shaving Mishaps

“Poor practices when shaving are perhaps the most common cause of male skin care problems, resulting in cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, & infections” 

Shaving is perhaps the only grooming ritual that every male follows, yet it’s an area in which the most common skin-care mistakes are made. The biggest mistake that men make is picking the wrong razor.

This can lead to razor burns, cuts, and nicks, which can even lead to infection, so choose your weapon wisely! Two other shaving practices that you should avoid are going against the grain for a closer shave, or going over the same area repeatedly.

Razor Hygiene Is Important

One big no-no is leaving your razors in the shower after you’re done using them. The moist environment makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, greatly increasing your chances of a skin infection.

Leave your razors in the cabinet, make it a point to replace the blades frequently, and you’ll have no reason to complain. Also, ditch those fancy aftershaves, which are actually among the worst skincare offenders, causing further skin irritation and inflammation.

Your Diet Matters Too

A moisturizing lotion is not the only thing you need to leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. In fact, drinking adequate amounts of water is crucial to maintaining perfect skin.

Dermatologists suggest that 6-8 glasses of water are a good bet, but also make sure to load on the fruits and veggies. A healthy and balanced diet can cause significant improvements in your skin tone and texture.

No Smoking Please!

While you’re at it, it’s probably a good idea to kick the butt because believe it or not, smoking decreases blood circulation and collagen production to an extent that your skin loses its natural color. The nasty habit will also cause premature aging, as your skin elasticity reduces and dryness increases.

So now that you know exactly what to do (and realize that it’s really not as tedious and time-consuming as you thought), it’s time to quit making excuses and start taking better care of your skin!

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March 28, 2018

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