Pornhub Wants To Teach You More About Sex, But This Time It Comes With A Twist!

Pornhub is perhaps the biggest brand of adult websites that there is with nearly 70 million daily visitors. As you’d expect, people who visit the site are either simply looking to watch the sexy-time videos or perhaps learn a trick of two of their own. However, they’re introducing a new feature that’ll continue educating people about sex, but in the departments that are probably the most important.

The Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center

Say hello to ‘Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center’, an online resource centre dedicated to educating people about sexual health and issues of love and intimacy. With updates, Q & A’s and educational articles, the resource centre is designed to help you navigate all experiences related to love, sex and intimacy in a healthy and holistic way.

From Safe Sex To Getting Kinky

Extremely inclusive, the sub-site is very comprehensive and vast with an assortment of topics ranging from safe sex to how to get kinky in the bedroom.

It is already flooded with a range of basic informative topics and the database is only expected to build up with time. The whole idea is to have a well-rounded go-to resource that is not just entertaining but also accessible and educational so it gets people talking about sex in a healthy and positive manner.

Real And Reliable Information

The best part about this resource is that the contributors on-board are all certified medical specialists, clinical psychologists and community leaders. The panel of professionals is headed by clinical psychologist Dr. Laurie Betito, a sex therapy specialist who promises real and reliable information pertaining to the physical, psychological and even the most intimate aspects of sex available to inform and educate as many people as possible.