Beer Yoga Is A Thing Now: Everything You Need To Know About This Latest Fitness Trend

For all you booze lovers who crib about your ever-increasing beer belly, here’s something that’s sure to catch your fancy. A new fitness trend is sweeping across the world and it involves two hugely popular things – beer and yoga.

Yes, you read it right. Beer yoga is now a thing and it can be quite a therapy for your mind, body and soul!

The Marriage Of Two Great Loves

“As the name suggests, beer yoga combines traditional yoga poses with the pleasures of drinking beer”

Rightfully called the ‘marriage of two great loves’, beer yoga combines traditional yoga poses with the pleasures of drinking beer. A brainchild of a travelling yoga class ‘Bieryoga’, this uniquely interesting experience started off in Germany, but is now moving to Australia and other places around the globe.

Conceived by two certified yoga instructors (who chanced to be passionate beer-drinkers), a session of beer yoga costs around $10 and typically lasts an hour with a bottle (or two) of beer. Anybody with an open mind and a love for beer (and fitness) can give this unique health practice a shot.

Beer Meets Asanas

“The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga complement each other and make for an energizing experience.”

In beer yoga, beer drinking is incorporated into the traditional practice of yoga asanas, known as “beer salutations”. New and innovative poses are also introduced, such as balancing a beer bottle on the head. It is believed that combining the two can help you reach the highest levels of consciousness!

Our Take

While the two activities may be seen as antithetical to each other, yoga is not exclusive, but is meant to include as many as possible. If this innovative idea gets more people on board with the practice, we have no complaints; besides, beer drinkers could do with some physical activity, and there’s nothing better than yoga.

So those of you who always wanted to give yoga a shot, but didn’t find Vipassana or Bikram Yoga particularly appealing, now is the time to grab an icy, chilled beer and give beer yoga a shot!

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March 27, 2018

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