What is Yoga wheel and what are the benefits of yoga wheel

The yoga wheel is a booming and fun approach to workouts. Made of high-quality synthetic rubber foam, this provides a comfortable rubbery exterior that is soft and easy on your back and joints. For those who are looking at shedding the extra fat in your body, the wheel is the best prop to use. The wheel also helps open the chest cavity, shoulders and back. It creates corrects your posture and most importantly, increases flexibility.

The dimensions of the Akshar Yoga wheel are specially curated to cure backaches. These yoga wheels come in various colours likes black, white, chrome, Silver and Gold.  The silver and the gold wheels have a special healing power. The silver and the gold metals tend to multiply the impact of the ongoing healing process and practising on these wheels should be only done under supervision. Hand-created in India, every yoga wheel is completely checked for quality and toughness.

There are various benefits of the yoga wheels but a few important ones are mentioned below

1. Helps with Back related problems:

The yoga wheel supports and relaxes the back. The dimensions are made keeping in mind the structure of the human back which includes shoulders, lower back and middle. The gold and the silver wheels possess properties that multiply the healing process. This is very useful for people suffering from back related problems

2. Flexibility:

Another advantage of the yoga wheel is that it helps increase flexibility. With the increased workload and corporate lifestyle, we are facing a lot of problems with regards to stiffness in our body. Yoga can be used to u increase the flexibly – Advance practitioners can use this to open up the back (upper, middle and Lower back), hamstrings and sides

3. Balancing power

The fitness component of balance, fitness, agility is the essential part of living an athletic life. It is important for us to have a sound mind and body balance. Yoga wheel can provide the much-required body balance that will help you.

4. Strength-based moves

Strength-based moves can be performed using the yoga wheel. These moves will help you strengthen your core and tone your body. These asanas will not only help with a stronger core but also strong and flexible spine

5. Wheel Asanas

There are two hundred plus asanas that can be performed on the Yoga wheel. These asanas were carefully curated taking into consideration the present lifestyle of the people and how using just one prop will help improve it tremendously.

Wheel Yoga is one of its kind of yoga that has been recently brought down to India by Grandmaster Akshar. This portable yoga wheel is a twelve inch diameter, light weighted prop that will change your way of working out.

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March 1, 2018

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