The Big Bhang Theory: Do’s & Don’ts For All The Bhang Lovers This Holi!

Like everything in India, the consumption of bhang is full of contradictions, but we just can’t help loving it. So, why’s it full of contradictions, you ask?

Because bhang is a concoction made from the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana, ganja, or weed, which is incidentally banned.

If that comes as a shocker to you, you’ll be even more shocked with a local court ruling that stated,  “bhang does not fall under the definition of cannabis” in the law. Of course, this is a shock of more pleasant kind, considering that you’re probably contemplating enjoying some delightful bhang lassi or mithai this Holi.

Video: Do’s & Don’ts For All You Bhang Lovers!

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