If You Share Any Of These Traits, Science Says You Could Be Intelligent

If you’re filled with enough self doubt about your intelligence to be reading this article, there’s already a good chance that you’re fairly intelligent, for as we’ve been told “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool”.

But, aphorisms about wisdom aside, there’s plenty of evidence to show that intelligent people have certain distinctive traits or eccentricities. Some of these traits may actually be seen as undesirable and it’s possible that you’ve even been scolded for them by your parents, or reprimanded by your boss at work.

So, for once instead of feeling bad about those patterns or behavioral traits that you’ve been trying to get rid of, you can embrace them like a badge of honor.

Behavioral Traits In Intelligent People

1. Talking To Yourself

If you’re in the habit of thinking out loud and talking to yourself on occasion, you’re probably not crazy, just intelligent. Yes, intelligent people tend to be so engrossed in their thoughts and oblivious to the world around that they sometimes engage in conversations with themselves or vocalize their thoughts.

While this may invite looks of derision from your co-workers or other students, researchers found that talking to yourself aloud may actually be a desirable trait, as it is associated with better problem solving.

Experts believe that voicing your thoughts or ideas helps to increase clarity, better defines the problem, and allows you to solve it more efficiently.


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2. Using Cuss Words

We tend to associate swearing excessively with delinquents and criminal elements, but we may have got it wrong. The use of cuss words is usually frowned upon in polite society, but we all tend to use such language on occasion, some more than others.

Surprisingly, a study that appeared in the journal Language Sciences found that greater fluency in taboo words is actually associated with higher IQ levels, especially in terms of linguistic or verbal abilities. So, if you are a writer, don’t hold back with the swear words; just avoid directing them towards your editor!

3. Untidy And Messy

Whether it’s your room at home or office desk that is always cluttered and messy, it’s a good sign! A study published in the journal Psychological Science indicates that a messy desk actually promotes creativity and innovative thinking.

Apparently, the disorder and chaos in your surroundings actually encourages ‘out of the box’ or unconventional thinking, which is great news for anyone in the creative sphere. Maybe it’s time to stop making resolutions to tidy up!


4. Night Owls

Insomnia is never desirable or healthy, but it’s an unwanted affliction that seems to plague almost every intelligent person. After all, with high intelligence levels, your super brain is constantly processing information and trying to solve problems or discover new ones to solve.

That stream of thoughts is so unstoppable that it’s even hard to turn it off for the night. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some studies found that staying up late is actually associated with having a higher IQ, with intelligent individuals tending to stay up late and wake up later than their less intelligent counterparts.

Just remember, sleep is vital for your health, including your brain health, so make sure to get adequate sleep even if it’s later in the night!

If you possess most of these traits, you’re probably feeling pretty smug right about now. Sorry to burst your bubble, but remember that while almost all intelligent people share these traits, not everyone who possesses them is necessarily intelligent. If you value intelligence and knowledge above everything else it’s a good sign in itself and there’s plenty that you can do to boost your brain power.

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February 20, 2018

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