Did Kangana Ranaut really LIE about dating Hrithik Roshan? Shekhar Suman reveals in 3 facts.

Much after the drama and controversy invited by Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan in the past couple months, we have Shekhar Suman who has joined in once again to add some more chaos to the mess. The former actor attended an interview recently where he gave some more gossip on Kangana Ranaut and her relationship with Hrithik Roshan. What’s more is that he gave three interesting statements which did sound like Kangana Ranaut might have lied in a few places. Scroll down to see what he said.

First and foremost, Shekhar Suman brings to our light that there was no modern proof of communication as such. While attending his interview with Spotboye, the actor said that if they really shared some relationship for seven years, there would be some proof in terms of communication but there wasn’t. To quote him, he said “no SMS, no WhatsApp? How would you communicate then? How would you meet? Kabutar ka zamaana toh nahin hai na, jo letters lekar jaate” Now that definitely raised our brows.

Second, Shekhar Suman also talks about how Kangana doesn’t want to submit her devices and phones to the Cyber Crime Cell and that also makes things suspicious. “Woh main bahar gayi thi na, toh ek bandar aaya aur lekar bhaag gaya. Woh usme paani gir gaya. Woh toot gaya. Today if an ant has an affair with an ant, the paparazzi will find out. Not a single picture in the so-called 7 years of their relationship? Somewhere it does hint that Kangana might be hiding something.

Third, Shekhar Suman talked about how Kangana was two timing and cheating on his son Adhyayan who was very much in love with the girl. Then he goes on saying that Adhyayan had seen Kangana sending messages to Hrithik and they were so bad that he felt devastated. But from no angle ever did he see that Hrithik has ever sent a message to Kangana. He then concluded saying Kangana’s love for Hrithik was one sided.

Now we aren’t sure who is being completely honest and who isnt, but there is no doubt that there are things that have been hidden from the public and are yet to come out in the open. Whatever it is, we hope it happens real soon.

(Please note: The verdict as to what is completely true and false between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut has not been declared. Speculations are still on the progress so it would be incorrect to completely put the blame on one person.)

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