Let's Talk LGBTQ+

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Longing for love, sex, marriage and make-up: Narratives of sexuality from the disabled
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'If I don't experience sexual attraction, I'm not a prude; just a raging asexual'
Mocked and threatened: My ordeal as a gay man in the corporate world
Being queer, Muslim and Indian: Battling homophobia and Islamphobia together
Gay and growing old: Finding love as an Indian gay man in his late 40s
My experiments with the saree: pushing the boundaries of crossdressing
Cutting the phallus and destroying binaries: Transgender activist Kalki's battle through art
Dear savarna queer men, let’s talk about casteism within our movement
Where Hinduism meets gay love: Vedic gay couple talk caste, sec. 377 and more
Lesbian women: The victims of domestic violence we don't want to talk about
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Road to acceptance: Stories of Indian parents who discovered their kids were gay or lesbian
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Hiding behind hate: That gay-bashing homophobe could be gay himself
LGBT activists hold candlelight vigil in Chennai for Orlando victims
Understanding LGBTQ+: An exhaustive explainer on gender and sexual identities
Understanding sex and gender: They are connected, but not interdependent
What parents need to know as they prepare to raise their transgender child
'Families accept rapists, murderers; why not us?' Notes on transgender lives and art
The News Minute series on Gender and Sexuality: Let's talk LGBTQ+
Why perpetrators can walk free after assaulting transgender or gay men in India
From being staunchly Catholic to indifferent towards god: The journey of a young gay man who admires Jesus
Kerala designer unties convention with two transgender models

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