A Tribute to Jayalalithaa

A Tribute to Jayalalithaa | The News Minute

The iconic image of Jayalalithaa looking through her torn saree, photographer remembers

Amma’s love for agriculture, and the man she trusted the gardens in her estate with

The iron lady with a soft heart: When Jayalalithaa showed me that she cared

Jayalalithaa’s flawed legacies which TN should discard, but never forget

Proud Tamilian born in Karnataka, Jayalalithaa had a long history with Kannadiga activists

The Queen of Charisma: Jayalalithaa was the last mass leader of Tamil Nadu

Jayalalithaa, the actor: Her intelligence and strength were apparent in her choice of roles

Of Lathicharge, assault and intimidation: Reporter’s diary from Jayalalithaa’s times

Jayalalithaa: The Amma of the welfare wagon

Three rare pictures of Jayalalithaa and the fascinating stories behind them

When Jayalalithaa turned down a role opposite Rajinikanth in Billa

A Jayalalithaa who joked and played: Apollo Doctors, ‘King Kong’ nurses on her final days

A heart that beat for the poor and intellectuals: Dr KM Cherian remembers Jayalalithaa

Why I cried for Jayalalithaa after spending a life-time disagreeing with her

Jayalalithaa, my friend: A veteran journalist remembers his rare closeness to Amma

Why women admire Jayalalithaa, flaws and all

In New Jersey, man behind ‘Amma’s Kitchens’ is too heartbroken to get back to work

Jayalalithaa’s memorial next to her political mentor, MGR, being readied

Former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha’s long, special bond with Hyderabad

When Amma was a schoolgirl: The girl who gave up her books for cinema

Sivaji Ganesan’s wish for 12-year-old Jayalalithaa ended up coming true

She gave women freedom and power: A TN woman politician’s moving tribute to Jayalalithaa

Dravidian Chronicles: March 1989- the beginning of Tamil Nadu’s vendetta politics

1989: The election that ended the succession battle between MGR’s heroines

Did Jayalalithaa provoke an enmity between MGR and Karunanidhi?

Jayalalithaa’s tryst with Rajaji Hall: Homage at the spot of her political turnaround

Grieving but restrained, Jayalalithaa’s followers say there’s no one like Amma

Who was the man along with Sasikala performing Jayalalithaa’s last rites?

The Mannargudi Intrigue: How Sasikala’s family grew to control TN’s power structures

Jayalalithaa as Parvati and Sridevi as Lord Muruga, actor shares an old memory

Make Poes Garden residence a Jayalalithaa memorial, demands petition

On Jayalalithaa’s final journey, it is Sasikala and her family all around her

Amma has become God for us: Grieving Jayalalithaa supporters tonsure heads at memorial site

Back in the spotlight is the house in Srirangam where Jayalalithaa’s ancestors lived

Watch Jayalalithaa give Karan Thapar a taste of his own medicine in a 2005 interview

Jayalalithaa’s death a great loss to organ donation in TN, says state transplant convener

Watch: When Jayalalithaa visited Cho at hospital, the two friends Tamil Nadu mourns

OPS sworn in as new Tamil Nadu CM, here is the full list of ministers in his cabinet

Jayalalithaa’s demise: Pranab Mukherjee, Modi, Sonia and other leaders express grief

National day of mourning to accord state funeral of Jayalalithaa; President, PM to visit Chennai

Struggle was her middle name, and victory was her last: US Tamil groups hail Jayalalithaa

Jayalalithaa’s legacy: TN among India’s best Industrial, social, crime rankings

Kerala declares holiday on Tuesday to mourn Jayalalithaa’s demise, Pinarayi pays tribute

From Komalavalli to Queen Bee: Looking back at the early years of Jayalalithaa

Sasikala’s family on PR drive bragging about their sacrifices for Jayalalithaa

Sasikala holds durbar for ministers at Poes Garden for third consecutive day

Jayalalithaa’s funeral at 4:30 pm today at Marina, body kept at Rajaji Hall in Chennai

Jayalalithaa’s health and why the media needs a crash course in social media verification

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