Meet Sharmilee-Nikhil Kapur : The Founders Of Atmantan Wellness Resort!

India’s start-up market is growing rapidly. According to a recent survey, the start-up count will cross 1-2 million by 2023. Couple-prenuers is the right word for real-life couples who become partner entrepreneurs.

Couples who partnership very well understand the needs of couples and other people because two people can have different ideas, understanding, concepts, works, and doubts.

Meet one such couple-prenuer Sharmilee and Nikhil Kapur who are founders of Atmantan Wellness Resort. The couple feels that personal time is not always all about adventures and isolation. It is about romance, relaxation and family time. “While we are constantly trying to improve our work-life balance, as a couple this becomes even more essential so one can also enjoy being in a personal relationship,” said Sharmilee.

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“When you manage to find happiness from within, it automatically helps create happy spaces at work and home. Taking time out also helps regain lost balance, or having long conversations or simply doing exactly what makes you feel good!” added Nikhil.

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The couple believes that when real-life partners turn business partners, there is more sense of trust and flexibility.”When real-life partners share a professional bond, there is a huge trust benefit and the relationship bond grows stronger as understanding shared on the work front helps avoid personal misunderstandings!” said Nikhil.

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“Also a couple-preneur like us always manages to bring forth varied personal pluses while effectively also eliminating individual weakness, therein becoming stronger and more versatile team! It’s really is a win-win situation I’d say,” said Sharmilee.

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We wish the couple all the best for their future projects.

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